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Who We Are

Advice you can trust. Available to you anytime.

Most accountants see numbers. We see people. It is that intense focus on people that has kept our growing team committed to the original ethos of Clark & Horner: Expertise and service. That includes personal attention, immediate responses, and total access to our entire team. Beginning right here.


We began with one goal: Complete service.

In 1990, prestigious accountants Graeme Clark & Richard Horner opened a new kind of firm that extended beyond taxes, to help their clients even more. They envisioned a place filled with energy and expertise, where premium client service came standard for all. Graeme brought his clients - professional athletes, and their family members. Richard brought his specialty for Canada and cross-border U.S. taxes. Clark & Horner was born.


Graeme S. Clark



Richard J. Horner



We are not your ordinary accountants.

In addition to business edge and financial expertise, we also prize charisma, passion, and phenomenal people-skills. At Clark & Horner, we work very closely with our clients and foster relationships that last for decades. We value each one, and we genuinely enjoy solving each clients’ problems - tax, accounting, and much more.

We want to help you.

Our diverse team gets called upon for many niche services.  We are best known for superior work in three main areas:

Two Men in Office

Business Solutions

We’ve got you, and your business, covered. For over 30 years, we’ve acquired a deep financial understanding of many industries by rolling up our sleeves – helping clients grow from start-ups into mature enterprises. We’ve seen a lot, solved a lot, and saved our clients a lot more than just money.

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