Canada & U.S. Taxes

We know borders, so your income does not have to.

For over 25 years, Clark & Horner has made a name for itself at cross-border income tax planning, and the intricacies of tax filing between Canada and the United States. Our clients include successful executives, entertainers and professional athletes – earning income across the continent.

We understand the ins and outs of income and employment taxes that jump from one jurisdiction to the next. Year over year, many major corporations count on our expertise to manage multi-jurisdictional employee transfers. We would like to help you, too.

Personal Tax Planning and Preparation

We handle taxes that travel as much as you do. Many of our clients earn income in multiple jurisdictions throughout the continent. Our team is well versed in planning and minimizing cross-border taxes.

Canada and U.S. Transfers

Moving? Changing tax jurisdictions can have a major impact on your tax situation. Our team of experts can guide you through your move, and help set you up for sound success.

Employment Compensation

Location is everything. Employment compensation can vary depending on your tax jurisdiction. Our experienced Canada and U.S. cross-border tax team can help both employers and employees find their ideal compensation structures.



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