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Business Solutions
We go far beyond taxes to offer the unique range of services you need to succeed. Our team can handle all your business affairs - from bookkeeping to audit, all the way to business plans, and succession planning.

Family Office Services
We will make sure everything (and everyone) is working together to reach your family's goal. From coordinating with your investment manager and other professional advisors to monthly bookkeeping. We'll even coordinate the settlement of large transactions, financial and tax planning, and so much more.
Canada & U.S. Taxes
We understand the ins and outs of income and employment taxes that jump from one jurisdiction to the next. Year over year, many major corporations count on our expertise to manage multi-jurisdictional employee transfers. We would like to help you, too.

Precisely the full-service solution you have been looking for.

Welcome to Clark & Horner. We are a boutique accounting firm in the heart of downtown Toronto, with a true passion for people. That explains why we do more than just taxes.

At Clark & Horner, it is our mission to give you premium service, and total peace of mind. This means getting all your financial activities working together by handling your taxes, accounting, and beyond. So you get that confident feeling of knowing everything is taken care of, by the very best.

Your situation is unique. We understand.

Over the last 25 years, we have taken care of taxes, accounting, and much more for high-net worth individuals, their estates, and their businesses. This includes entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and executives - both in Canada and across the United States.

We know every solution is different. Let us find yours.

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We know every solution is different.
Let us find yours.

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